Ziptrak vs Zipscreen – What’s the difference and which option is better for you?

When it comes to choosing your property’s outdoor blind system, there’s a variety of different options out there to consider, which can make you feel overwhelmed.

The two most common among these are the Ziptrak and Zipscreen systems.

Both are well known for their long-lasting qualities, functionality and style. But differentiating and choosing between the two can be difficult, when factoring in your home and specific requirements.

There are some key differences in their features that give Ziptrak some major advantages, from operation, to price and to functionality.

But when it comes to choosing the perfect blinds for your home, budget, style and prerequisites all need to be considered.

So here is how these two main contenders in the blinds market measure up against each other.

 How was Ziptrak developed?

Created by a South Australian company, Ziptrak blinds are built to cope with intense weather conditions and changes.

The company initially founded itself on roller shutters and external sun shading shutters, before making the move to more domestically targeted Ziptrak blinds, where they owe much of their success.  

After their initial product launch, the company then went on to spend several years refining and altering their design to give us the highly functional, modern blinds they sell today.

The products high quality, affordable costs and aesthetics are what sets them apart from other competitors, as well as their passion and dedication to providing Australians with high quality products.

Being designed in South Australian with its unpredictable weather extremes, these blinds were created with longevity and functionality in mind.

Ziptrak blinds are not just built to last, but built to last well.

What About Zipscreen?

In 2015, this Australian enterprise joined forces with the American Rollease, who are the creators of Zipscreen, Acmeda, founding Rollease Acmeda. Covering much of the world, including the States, Australasia and Europe, Rollease Acmeda now supplies the globe with automated blinds.

Their Zipscreen design utilises earlier blind technologies in the form of the ZLock, making them a competitor for the Ziptrak brand in Australia. After a few initial issues with their designs, that were overcome, they now have a complete range of Zipscreen that they sell.  

A conclusion can be drawn that while Zipscreen blinds have been created and tested to cope with the rugged and temperamental Australian weather, they’re not an Australian company such as Ziptrak, and are not specifically targeted at Australian audiences. Therefore profit, not quality and service, is a major focus for them.  

How Do They Hold the Fabric in Place?

 Ziptrak and Zipscreen outdoor blind systems derive from different origins, so how well do they get the same things done?

One key element of a successful and functional outdoor blinds system is the method in which the fabric is held in the runners. The overall functionality and success of the blind as a whole can come down to the way in which the system grips the edges of the fabric, and allows it to efficiently move up and down.

In the case of the Ziptrak blinds system, they use a cordura tape called Kedar, which is a powerful fabric welded to the blind material.

This combination of material provides an efficient balance of elasticity and strength. The Kedar based system is not only reliable, but because of the tightness of the blinds, they also look much neater.

In contrast, the Zipscreen blinds use a ZLock technology. Put simply, it is when one half of a standard bog, 5mm zipper, the kind you’d see on an item of clothing, is mounted onto a channel.

A consequent of this can be that it is prone to jamming, which is less than ideal in rougher weather circumstances. In addition, it also cannot endure the same pressures and conditions as Ziptrak.  

Superior Locking System

Unfortunately, there’s not too much competition in this department.

The Ziptrak system boasts a much more elegant, refined and functional locking system, rather than the simple bolts that the Zipscreen blinds system utilises.

Ziptrak blinds also boast rubber seals around their edges, meaning that hot and cold temperatures are minimised whenever the blind is deployed.    

Ziptrak offer a whole range of different bolt systems, including their easy to use centre release lock. They also offer a lot of other lock options, including interior and exterior operated blinds and multiple locks, giving you a wide variety of preference and options when choosing the features for your blinds.

Zipscreen on the other hand, use a more simplistic and slightly outdated bolt system, which, while functional, is not the quickest or most efficient to use.

When it comes to finding the perfect blinds for your property, it really just comes down to how well any given blinds system can meet your needs, and that’s where Ziptrak really excels. They are also much more cost effective and designed with the Australian market in mind.

In addition, their range of personalised options and customisations makes them ideal for to use for virtually any project or home.  

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Highly recommend All Weather Blinds! Very competitive prices, so easy to communicate with from the office staff who follows through with enquiries to installers. My install was over a year ago and had a power outage. The blind would only stop 3/4 of the way down. They talked me through how to fix it over the phone, were so patient and in a few minutes it was fixed. Thanks for looking after your customers.
Rose A - August 2023
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Just a big recommendation to all weather blinds from the moment I spoke to Noah about the problem with my outdoor blinds he was so help full organised service call the boys turned up on time and were very good at repair and very pleasant would highly recommend all weather blinds 10 out of 10 for customer service thank you guys.
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These guys are amazing! Easy to deal with and quick installation. Final product is amazing !!! We are very happy customers, who will be happy to recommend All Weather Blinds to anyone who is considering blinds!!! 5/5 guys!!
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The Best in the Industry. Thanks for getting our blinds fixed. Your people have done an excellent quality job! All Weather Blinds has once again proved that they are the best in the Industry for quality and customer care!
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