7 Ways You Can Create More Shade in Your Home This Summer

For many people, summer is synonymous with fun and barbeques. While the sun and hot weather are a welcome change to the passing winter, many homeowners are left wondering about ways to add more shade to their backyards—so they can enjoy the warm days even more.

One of the most common ways to increase shade in your backyard is to select one of the many outdoor blinds Melbourne and Sydney residents are opting for. If you’re planning a barbeque of two this summer and you’re looking for ways to add some more shade, this article is for you.

A Few Common Shade Enhancing Options

In addition to creating more shade in your backyard, the right option can easily turn a sunny spot into a favourite entertainment area. Let’s look at some easy ways to change the amount of sun your backyard gets.

1. Outdoor Blinds

If a patio, deck or open veranda area forms part of your outdoor entertaining area, then the top way to create more shade is by using outdoor blinds. Aside from being able to control the amount of shade in your outdoor space, Ziptrak blinds also offer a considerable amount of privacy.

More benefits of installing outdoor blinds include:

  • Available in a variety of colours, designs and styles
  • You can enjoy the outdoors without harmful exposure to UV rays
  • Enables you to enjoy the outdoor space year-round – even in rainy weather
  • Keeps away insects, allowing you and your guests to enjoy the outdoors without being bit by insects
  • Excellent way to protect your outdoor furniture from sun and rain
  • Available in a wide variety of customisable options to suit your décor
  • Adds to the potential resale value of your home
Ziptrak outdoor blinds Melbourne

2. Install a Pergola

In addition to outdoor blinds, you could also add much-needed shade with pergolas, but it will also add a touch of classic elegance. As an added bonus pergolas can be freestanding or attached to your home. Light fixtures can also be added to them as needed.

3. Plant Trees and Shrubs

If you have the space, an incredible and sustainable way to add shade is to plant trees and shrubs around the edge of your property. Aside from providing shade, trees will also add a touch of green to your space—this serves as a calming and visually attractive feature.

Add trees and shrubs that are native to Australia to enhance your space. Some of tree types to consider include:

  • Acacia Cognata
  • Tussock Grass
  • Daniella Longofolia
  • Lomandra Longifolia
  • Forest Pansy
  • Dwarf Flowering Gum

4. Patio Umbrellas

Another popular option to consider if you don’t want a permanent structure is a patio umbrella. If you’re not looking for a very big space to provide shade, then this feature is perfect. Additionally, many patio umbrellas come in sets matching the chair cushion covers, which is ideal if you’re having a themed dinner or lunch. They’re also easy to put up and down.

5. Shade Sails

Areas exposed to direct sunlight benefit the most from adding a few shade sails. They’re ideal to consider if you’re setting up a small section of your backyard as an entertainment area. For instance, use them for a kid’s party or small luncheon. Since shade sails are made of 100% canvas, they offer excellent ventilation without letting in the sun’s harmful rays.

6. Consider Curtains

If you’re not looking for a permanent fixture, an easy option to consider is several elegant, sheer outdoor curtains. This is an innovative décor idea if you’re using your backyard for a small wedding, engagement or birthday party.

Curtains are an easy way to create shade and are available in every colour and style imaginable. Depending on the option you choose, they’re also relatively easy to put up and take down as they can be hung from the structures such as your gazebo, or pergola or draped around other structures.

7. Opt For a Gazebo

If you don’t have a patio to attach outdoor blinds to or an outdoor structure to attach curtains or a sail to, you can opt for a gazebo. Available in a variety of styles, colours and designs, you can easily find the right option. Gazebos are perfect for single-day functions such as a once-off barbeque or party.

Where To Get Shade For Your Outdoor Space

Australia is well known for its harsh sun. However, that’s no reason to be stuck inside. With our variety of customised outdoor blinds, you can easily find the best option for your space and your function.

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