Mesh vs. PVC Outdoor Blinds – A Complete Guide

If you’re looking for high-quality outdoor blinds, then you’ll want Ziptrak blinds which come in both mesh and PVC materials. It can be difficult choosing between mesh and PVC outdoor blinds since both of these products are highly durable and add to the aesthetics of your outdoor space.

What are the key differences between these two types of outdoor blinds, and which one will be ideal for your outdoor space? Find out all you need to know in this guide.

PVC vs. Mesh Outdoor Blind Installation Types

PVC and mesh Ziptrak blinds are made from different materials but require the same type of installation. For a seamless design and to protect your blinds from the elements, both mesh and PVC installations will need the correct pelmets and brackets, which can be chosen in specific colours that suit your installation.

Each blind, whether made from PVC or mesh, is customised to suit your individual needs, with each of the materials available in different densities, colours and specifications. The team at All Weather Blinds can have your outdoor blinds measured, cut and installed according to your specifications thanks to our in-house manufacturing capabilities.

Benefits of Mesh and PVC Outdoor Blinds Installations

PVC blinds, such as café blinds, are made with a clear PVC sheeting that provides protection from wind, rain and insects. The clear or tinted PVC blind doesn’t block your view of the landscape around the building so you can still enjoy your garden but without being affected by the elements or insects.

On the other hand, mesh blinds work the same as PVC installations but provide more airflow. The mesh blinds block wind and up to 99% of rain. Mesh outdoor Ziptrak blinds are made from a variety of woven materials in different densities. The one you choose will have an influence on UV protection and the level of transparency.

Key Features of PVC and Mesh Blinds

Mesh outdoor blinds reduce heat transmissions and have the potential to reduce your cooling requirements. Sunscreen mesh blinds provide plenty of privacy during the day, so people will have a limited view of what’s behind the blinds.

PVC blinds have a complete rain and windproof surface and they’re ideal for maintaining the warmth within the enclosed area. You can also get tinted PVC outdoor blinds if you want some privacy from the outside world.

Maintenance for PVC and Mesh Outdoor Blinds

If you’re looking for outdoor blinds that are easier to maintain, then mesh is your best option. The mesh will only show up dirt and dust after prolonged periods without cleaning. To keep the blinds dust and dirt free or clean them after a long period, use a soft-bristled brush to wash and lightly scrub with soapy water, then hose or rinse down. It’s advised not to clean your mesh or PVC blinds with harsh detergents because it can affect the integrity of the materials. Dishwashing liquid, for example, can be used, or the specific Ziptrak Blind cleaner Swiftee.

PVC blinds require more attention to their cleaning and maintenance than Mesh blinds. PVC Blinds require hosing down, brushing with a very soft bristle brush and soapy water or Swiftee Cleaner. The blinds then need to be left down to dry. Once the blinds are dry VuPlex anti-static spray can be applied. The Vu-Plex helps with preventing dirt and dust building up, as well as assisting the operation of the blind and preventing static build-up which means the PVC will not stick to itself on the roll.

Final Thoughts  

Are you looking for mesh or PVC blinds to cover your patio or outdoor entertainment area? You’ll find high-quality outdoor blinds from All Weather Blinds.

Whether you’re looking for PVC or mesh blinds we have plenty of designs for you to choose from and can custom manufacture them to your exact requirements. Get outdoor blinds to cover your windows, patio or even your pergola.

Don’t let the elements ruin your outdoor events or stop you from enjoying your outdoor living space. Get a no-obligation consultation today by calling 1300 949 025 or visit our website to request a FREE quote for your PVC or mesh outdoor blinds.

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Highly recommend All Weather Blinds! Very competitive prices, so easy to communicate with from the office staff who follows through with enquiries to installers. My install was over a year ago and had a power outage. The blind would only stop 3/4 of the way down. They talked me through how to fix it over the phone, were so patient and in a few minutes it was fixed. Thanks for looking after your customers.
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These guys are amazing! Easy to deal with and quick installation. Final product is amazing !!! We are very happy customers, who will be happy to recommend All Weather Blinds to anyone who is considering blinds!!! 5/5 guys!!
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The Best in the Industry. Thanks for getting our blinds fixed. Your people have done an excellent quality job! All Weather Blinds has once again proved that they are the best in the Industry for quality and customer care!
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