Are Ziptrak Blinds Good? A Guide to the Benefits of Installing Ziptrak Blinds

You own a home in the beautiful sunny city of Melbourne and love the outdoor home lifestyle. You have the outdoor entertainment area to prove it but now you’re wondering about installing Ziptrak blinds. You’ve heard these blinds not only enhance your home, but they protect you against some of the harsher elements of Melbourne weather.

While summer days are always appreciated, sitting in your outdoor space can become uncomfortable when it gets too hot, rains or gets windy. What’s more frustrating are all those pesky insects that come out as soon as the sun sets! This is why Ziptrak outdoor blinds Melbourne homeowners are having installed may be your solution too.

Read on to discover the benefits of installing Ziptrak blinds in your entertainment area so you can enjoy living outdoors without battling the elements!

Are Ziptrak Blinds Good?

The first question any homeowner is going to ask when looking for outdoor blinds is ‘how good are they?’. Quality should always be your first consideration and Ziptrak outdoor blinds are made with premium quality materials. This means you have peace of mind they’ll last a long time.

Top quality PVC and mesh materials are used to construct Ziptrak blinds. They’re powder coated and made with premium aluminium giving them extra strength and durability to resist harsher climate conditions. With proper installation done by the experts, you can rest assured Ziptrak blinds are good and will be a beneficial addition to your home’s outdoor space. 

Mesh Ziptrak blinds Sydney

Ziptrak Blinds Benefits

Benefit 1: Easy to Operate

When you think of outdoor blinds, you’re not far wrong in imagining them coming with ropes, pulleys, or zippers to open and close them. However, Ziptrak blinds are easy to operate thanks to their spring-operated technology. You won’t have to fuss with tangled ropes, zippers that snag, or hefty winding.

You can even take it one step further and order motorised Ziptrak blinds. At the touch of a button on your remote control, you can enable your blinds to open or close smoothly. It’s also easy to stop the blinds at any stage so you pick the positioning you want.

Demonstration of Ziptrak blinds

Benefit 2: Protects Your Outdoor Furnishing

High quality mesh or PVC materials ensure that your furnishing will be well-protected against the harsh UV rays. Keeping the blinds closed will also keep out the wind, rain and dust. This means your furniture will be protected against dampness and dirt which, if left unmanaged, could lead to faster deterioration of your furnishing.

Outdoor furniture can be expensive and to keep them in good condition, they need to be shielded against certain elements. With Ziptrak blinds you’re extending the lifespan of your furnishings and keeping them in good nick.

Benefit 3: Winter Outdoor Entertaining

How many times do you wish you could be in your outdoor space even though it’s a freezing cold winter’s day? Installing Ziptrak blinds in your entertainment area will allow you to spend more time outdoors even when the temperature is below 14⁰C!

Ziptrak outdoor blinds are designed to keep your outdoor areas well-insulated in both winter and summertime. When properly installed, there are no gaps for cold winds to blow through either. So, to ensure you can continue your love of the outdoor lifestyle during winter, add Ziptrak blinds to your patio.

Mesh Ziptrak blinds Melbourne

Benefit 4: Enjoy the View

If you order clear PVC Ziptrak blinds, you’ll not only benefit from all-weather protection, but you’ll get to keep the view. Most homeowners worry that installing outdoor blinds means losing out on the view of their garden or if they’re fortunate enough, Melbourne’s stunning skyline.

Clear PVC also gives you 93% UV protection while keeping all wind out without the irritating flapping that often happens with other types of outdoor blinds.

Benefit 5: Easy to Clean and Maintain

Every homeowner knows what it’s like to keep a home clean and well-maintained. It’s hard work but essential to keep the value of your property. However, Ziptrak blinds are easy to clean and maintain. Read our guide on how to clean Ziptrak Blinds.

Final Thoughts

Ziptrak blinds are great because they offer so many benefits, making them a valuable investment worth adding to any home. These high-quality outdoor blinds will keep you enjoying your outdoor space no matter the weather. And your guests will be suitably impressed when you operate them with ease and style!

Contact our installation experts at All Weather Blinds on 1300 949 025 and make sure you get all the benefits of installing Ziptrak blinds in your home.

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Highly recommend All Weather Blinds! Very competitive prices, so easy to communicate with from the office staff who follows through with enquiries to installers. My outdoor blinds install was over a year ago and had a power outage. The blind would only stop 3/4 of the way down. They talked me through how to fix it over the phone, were so patient and in a few minutes it was fixed. Thanks for looking after your customers.
Rose A - August 2023
Very happy with our new outdoor blinds. Staff were very professional, helpful and were not pushy salesman. prices were competitive and reasonable. would highly recommend. Thanks guys
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Just a big recommendation to all weather blinds from the moment I spoke to Noah about the problem with my outdoor blinds he was so help full organised service call the boys turned up on time and were very good at repair and very pleasant would highly recommend all weather blinds 10 out of 10 for customer service thank you guys.
Brian Collum - July 2023
These guys are amazing! Easy to deal with and quick installation. Final product is amazing !!! We are very happy customers, who will be happy to recommend All Weather Blinds to anyone who is considering blinds!!! 5/5 guys!!
Jac Jennings – October 2014
The Best in the Industry. Thanks for getting our blinds fixed. Your people have done an excellent quality job! All Weather Blinds has once again proved that they are the best in the Industry for quality and customer care!
George Thomas - March 2016
Fantastic business! Wouldn't hesitate in recommending these guys to anyone!!. They were friendly and got the job done quickly. Now. we have a fabulous outdoor area to enjoy coming in to Summer.
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